Sunday, 17 February 2013

Where would I like to travel/live?

Well, this post is a bit personal,yeah.Anyhow,these are my three favourite countries in the world.I hope to live in one of them one day,or at least visit them.Sweden,Japan and Russia.Ofc. there are many other nice places on earth,but for various reasons I like those.I will start with the easiest to explain.Also yes I think I would like the people of their respective countries.

Sweden-People in Sweden have it nice.A lot of people say that Swedes are the richest people on this planet.But what is more important to me is that Sweden is the most liberal country in Europe and in a lot of peoples opinions the most civilisationally advanced country in the world.Their crime rate is quite low.And yeah,they are quite technologically advanced,probably the most advanced in Europe.Swedes are known to be reserved,tolerable and generally  fun loving.
Another reason why I love them is SWEDISH DEATH METAL:

Japan-Well I grew up on anime.They are among the richest in the world.They are the most technologically advanced country in the world,just try googling "Japanese toilets".They have an almost "0 crime" society,they even have completely unguarded vending machines on every street corner.Also they say that in Japan every spring is like spring,every summer is like summer,every autumn is like autumn and every winter is like winter.I like that because in the last few years in my country  the weather only switched from summer to winter mode(and I hate summer).I think I would like their culture and their people as well.Basically their children are taught from a young age to pursue their interests outside from home.In my country it is very unusual for children to be in after school clubs.While In Japan it is more unusual not to be in a club.They have sports clubs,literary clubs,"magic societies",computer clubs even clubs for just hanging around and being lazy,all those as official school clubs.

Russia-If I had to put it in one sentence I would say:"Russia is the most badass place to live in!"Just look at this video:
Russia is the only place where you can find abandoned tanks in a forest:
That is badass.Of course in comparison to Japan and Sweden,Russia is quite different because it is not very economically and technologically advanced.However Russian economy was getting stronger until the global crisis came.Also I would love the Russian industrial/post-industrial landscape.It would be quite the thrill for me to explore their abandoned factories and buildings.Russians are widely known for their badassery and sociability.

Some other places I would like to be in:Germany(grew up on German satellite TV where I had anime translated to German),the Baltic,The rest of Northern Europe and if I had to pick a spot in any of the Americas I would probably go to Canada.I guess I just like the North.

My dream vacation would be a 6 month tour starting in North Europe or Japan,then traveling trough Russia by train and ending somewhere in North Europe or Japan,depending on where I started.

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