Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stats again:a quickfire double

Two posts today :D
It is always easy to make a post about stats,now here is the first post about stats:

A lot has happened since the old times,I have reached new highs and new lows...
Now,let's go post by post on how many views they have:
C programming "Hello world"...detailed example-264 views
Where would I like to travel/live?-239 views
Off learning and stuff-174 views

Then I have skipped posting for about a month and a half and tihs is what happens:
Mini review of Ubuntu 13.04-460 views.

Seems good right?Well after this i made a pause of 2 and a half months and this is what happened:
Newsflash-17 views
And yet another one...Horror anime....-42 views
A bit about psychology...-29 views
Once read can (not) be unread :P-40 views
Employed...and unemployed again :(-18 views.

So as you can see I am fighting a tough battle to regain my readrship.I have no idea where to freely advertise this blog right now.

The top 3 web pages that generated the most traffic for me in the last month are: views
Facebook-29views views

Now by countries for last month:
Croatia 216
Usa 57
Mexico 34
Bosnia 21
Russia 16
U.k. 9
Poland 7
Phillipines 6
Australia 5
India 5

Now by browsers for last month:
Chrome 206
Firefox 85
Opera 50
Safari 47
Internet explorer 34
SimplePie 18
Mobile Safari 6
Mobile 3
CriOs 2
BingPreview 1

And now by OS for last month:
Windows 283
Linux 62
Macintosh 50
Other Unix 15
Android 11
Ipad 8
Iphone 4
Ipod 2

Now by country for the whole time:
Croatia 2123
USA 978
Bosnia 227
Philippines 172
Germany 135
U.K. 125
Serbia 121
Japan 91-nice,hope you continue to read me
India 65
Mexico 62

Chrome 2743
Firefox 1496
Opera 510
Internet explorere 279
Safari 151
Mobile safari 47
Simple pie 18
Arora 8
CriOS 7
Maxthon 7

Operating systems:
Windows 3299
Linux 861
Other unix 303
Macintosh 190
Android 68
iPhone 35
iPad 19
Android 2.3.7 5
S60 5
Android 2.3.6 5

And total views:    5.292

I hope you liked reading this!

For the geeks:Building a secure pc part 1.

First,if you don't really like it,geeky techy stuff...I suggest you move on.Not that you aren't welcome to read it anyways but yeah...

Second,although I am a big security enthusiast,I am still a noob.Sure I know how to find information about the subject and I am well informed about it,but it is incomparable to real security proffesionals.

Third,this is purely theoretical,I am not actually setting this up myself and testing.

And yes,there might be a part 2 some day...maybe.Not promising anything.

Let's start with IT security.What even is that?

Computer security (Also known as cybersecurity or IT Security) is information security as applied to computers and networks.

The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. Computer security also includes protection from unplanned events and natural disasters.

U got that?Great!Because it was copy pasted from Wikipedia!
Also you can split up IT security into physical and software security.Physical security is about securing the pc physically...from unauthorized access,theft etc...And software security is self explanatory.I hope to do a little bit of both.

And this is a sentence you should remember."Security through obscurity!"
This will be a general guideline on our software choices.Basically the more obscure your software is the less known security holes there are.Even better if you can make your own software.

Before we continue you have to know that there are no 100% secure computers.Even if you turned it off and put it inside fort Knox,someone might still launch multiple nukes at fort Knox.

Now,the most important choice.The choice of the operating system.Basically forget about Windows.Windows is just a big security gap.Billions of viruses and malware and exploits everything.And while you are at it,forget about macs too.They are just a little bit more secure than windows.Linux is good.There aren't any critical virus outbreaks for Linux,it has a well defined superuser system,and it is not bloated with potential security holes.

And there is nothing else...or is it?Yes,yes there is.Freebsd and other bsd like systems.Probably even more secure than Linux,built by "security freaks" for "more security freaks".Unfortunately I have never used so I will write this from a Linux perspective.

When choosing your linux distro make sure it has SELinux installed.You might check out the distro called "Kali Linux".Or if you are 1337 enough you might try to make a Linux From Scratch(a.k.a. LFS) distribution.

Anyhow,that is it for part 1.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Employed...and unemployed again :(

So basically yeah,last week I finally found a job somehow.I became a telephone sales agent!
The job was not bad really,the environment and company were nice.I met some nice people there.I even was lucky enough to grab the window seat!But after my finished 8 hours I felt a bit stressed.I guess that is what hundreds of phone calls do to you.

So why did I quit in the end?I guess I just could not sell anything.There were some borderline cases where I almost did it...but yeah.And there is also the fact that I planned to quit at the beginning of October anyways so.

Although I won't actively search for a job for now(because of college) I will apply if I find a very interesting job ad.

But,let's look at the positives.It was a nice experience to have.Now I myself have experienced what a work day is.I have also proved that I am durable enough to endure it.My communication skills might have improved.Also now I have time to develop some skills,which otherwise I would not have been able to do.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Once read can (not) be unread :P

This is an early morning post,which is quite rare for me.Lately I have become a night being.Well that is what happens when you are a college student during the winter/summer vacation
Last week of course there were many anime that I have watched.But the I will just give short reviews of four of them that were the best.Those were:Neon genesis evangelion,Puella magi Madoka magica,Mangirl(no it's nothing perverted) and Denpa teki na kanojo.

First Neon genesis evangelion.It is a classic from 1995.Of course since it is too old it would be unfair to criticise the graphics and sound quality.But for 1995 they seemed quite good,since obviously my eyes did not bleed out.The real strong point and perhaps the only weak point was the story.The story started greatly as it really pulled me in in the beginning,now spoiler warning.After that the story kind of started having 'monsters of the week' and at that point I was already waiting for the finale which...wasn't that good.It wanted to push the story towards some kind of existentialism but it failed in doing that.

The story is about a boy with a destroyed family who was tasked with saving the world against his will.

But still NGE was a good watch and now I know why many people consider it a classic.

Now about Puella magi Madoka magica.Since I have already watched quite many anime,I found myself puzzled why I did not watch that many magical girl anime?I mean seriously there are so many of them and yet I have almost completely ignored that genre up until now.So I tasked this anime with hooking me up with that genre.And I was expecting something colorful and happy.I was also hoping it would not be too girly for a manly man like myself.And yes it did hook me up.And no,it was not colorful(except the animation which was colorful) and happy,rather the story was quite delightfully dark.And no it was not too girly.The animation was splendid,except the characters heads looked a little bit like boxes(I don't know if that was supposed to be cute,but it failed).
The sound was great,especially the background music.
The story was the strong point here,really it was more dark and serious than I expected it to be.I liked the characters,all of them were so elegant,especially Mami.

As you can expect the story is about girls being magical girls.
This anime might be the best one of those 4.

Mangirl is nothing perverted.It is a story about 4 girls starting their own manga publishing magazine.Manga+girl.It is a comedy slice of life show with each episode lasting 4 minutes(intro included).Despite that they showed some of the processes of creating manga.It is maybe a little similar to Bakuman.
The animation quality was actually quite good.I did not notice anything bad in the sound.
Even though it was a slice of life comedy the story was actually progressing.The characters were likable.

Denpa teki na kanojo is  mystery anime,that is one of my favourite genres,and of course it did not disappoint.The story is about a cute weird girl falling in a really weird love with the toughest delinquent in town and the two of them solving crimes.The girl has the brainpower and the guy has the manpower(meaning I could replace the both of them hahahaha :) ).It is a OVA with 2 episodes lasting about 45 minutes.In the first episode they are trying to solve a serial murder case,and in the second they are trying to solve a case which could turn into a murder case.The animation and sound were good but nothing spectacular.

Monday, 5 August 2013

A bit about psychology...

Well I was thinking about making a post about some insights on some kinds of behaviors.I will talk about 2 topics:stubbornness and leadership.

Well stubbornness.I used to be stubborn myself when I was a child to be honest.I still am sometimes when I feel it is the right thing or when I am around other stubborn people(I prefer not to be around them though).However even though I know that some positive stubbornness sometimes can help me progress in life,I have also learned that it can mislead me,which might eventually end up in bad decision making.That is why I prefer not to be stubborn when I am not around stubborn people.I have become a bit more easy going and like to stay cool.I also learned that sometimes it is easier to achieve my goals by other means.I understand the reasons why stubborn people are sometimes criticized.Basically it is because they are hard to deal with.However you should know that sometimes there are people who are stubborn even to themselves.Basically people who enforce their personal rules to themselves to a point where it might become ridiculous for someone who does not understand them(most people in this case).Some fictional and comedic characters which could be good examples for this are Barney Stinson from how I met your mother and Sheldon Cooper.Just look at this:

Now I want you to put yourself kind of in the head of such a person...

...Yeah,pretty terrible isn't it?I hope that now you feel for those people.
Basically most stubborn people kind of soften once they spend enough time in a non stubborn environment.For most stubborn people it is very probable that they inherited that from their childhood family.

I hope this will help you deal better with stubborn people.Or how to deal with your own stubbornness

Now about leadership.First I will tell you about my personal opinion about it,then I will tell you about the one thing a leader needs.

Basically this is how I prefer it:
1)A leaderless group of people
2)I am the leader
3)Someone else is the leader

Yes,I prefer no.1 because,it is the most rewarding one of those.To be able to trust someone that you will have fun with him and that he is a person of enough quality that he does not want to lead and does not want to be lead is a reward purely by itself.I would even say it is the pinnacle of peaceful cohabitation between people in the modern world.It is nice to be around people who can do the more or less right thing without being told so.It is true they are still human and can do mistakes but still...

Why don't I like no.2?Because being the leader is a burden I do not want.Why?I will tell you later.

Why don't I like no.3?I guess I am kind of a rebel...

Now,let's talk about no.2 again.Let's split leaders into bad and good leaders,but not on their ability to lead,instead we will organize them on the justification of their leadership.What is the most important quality a good leader has and a bad does not have?It is responsibility.Basically a good leader takes responsibility both for his decisions(especially for that) and for the actions of his subordinates.That is a cold hard fact in my opinion.If you are not man or woman enough to handle this  then don't be a leader.A bad leader is usually a selfish egoistical,primitive bastard,and not the funny type or the one who is actually a good person behind a facade.There are situations when I take leadership,but as I said it is not what I prefer.I could handle a bad decision which affects my life more than it affects the lives of others,but I could not handle a decision which almost ruined someone else's life more than mine.I don't think I could look in the eyes of that person or look myself in the mirror for a while if I did something like that.I believe that is the right mindset for a leader.

Is this running away from responsibility?No.A responsible person knows when something is too much responsibility,that is also part of being responsible.

Well I hope you liked my little insight into this.