Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Project Dashboard-Ubuntu app reviews

Project dashboard
Project dashboard is a project management application for Ubuntu mobile phones. It enables the user to manage software on Github, planing events(including personal events),keeping track of classes and projects,supports various plugins, bug tracking,an inbox with github notifications...In short it is a developers mobile application of choice.

What I have noticed is that the graphic design of this application is great. It fits perfectly into the standard UI design of the system. Another thing I like about this application is that despite its feature fullness the application does not seem to drain system resources. Another Thing I like is the fact that this application has everything a developer would want on his mobile phone application.

I have only 1 suggestion and 1 very tiny problem I have noticed. My suggestion is to make a text editor plugin with at least basic syntax highliting for either ANSI C or QML. Or just syntax higlighting for statements which are very common between popular languages.The problem I have noticed is that it needs a maintenance update(however,I have not noticed any breakage in my short time using it).

Anyhow I give this application a 5.0/5.0.I really like this application.And I think developers should aim their applications to meet the quality standards of applications like these.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Project Gutenberg-Ubuntu application reviews

Project gutenberg is an app that connects to the online service project Gutenberg.As such it provides over 46000 free ebooks.Including epub,kindle and html versions.Unfortunately I am not a lover of ebooks but I will try my best.

This app is very simple,and for this app that is enough,as it just serves to download ebooks.So it has all the features you would expect.You can browse popular ebooks,latest ebooks and random ebooks.Another thing I like about this application is that at least seemingly it does not seem to be just a web app.

One of the areas where this application can improve is that the color theme for this app could be improved.Another small problem is that once you select your ebook,if you choose to read it as html the application will redirect you to a web browser instead of reading it directly from the application.
Overall I give this application a 4.0/5.0.The areas where this application can improve do not seem to be big problems to me and yet the application does what it promises.I am sure ebook lovers will like this application.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Ubuntu app reviews:Green Mahjong

I have decided to start a new series of small application reviews for the Ubuntu phone and Ubuntu unity8.So Since I like to play the occasional game of Mahjong I decided to review “Green Mahjong”.One thing I have noticed which is neither an advantage or disadvantage is that you should play this application either on desktop or landscape mode(if you are on a phone).Note Since I don't have a BQ phone yet and Unity8 on desktop is still in its alpa/beta stages I will test most applications on the phone emulator which does not support landscape mode yet.

So what are the pros of this application?Well I like that the author decided to use realistic graphics instead of a flat design or some cartoon graphics. Also Also the app has a choice of several different levels so there is some re-playability. Another pro I have noticed is that the application has all the features you would expect from a Mahjong solitaire game.

The application also has some negatives.As much as I liked the graphics in this game,the shadowing on the tiles was too strong.And it might have been because of the emulator but the application seems to be not very laggy,but a tiny bit laggy. Another thing that I don't like is something that most Mahjong apps even on other platforms don't have:They only support Mahjong solitaire,there is no game mode for Mahjong Reach.

To summarize.I like this application.I give it a 4.5.It is not a masterpiece but I can clearly see that the developer wanted this application to be really good.I can see the effort of the developer in this application.It is free so if you want a game to waste 15 minutes while you are waiting for something,download it.And the developer is actively responding to user reviews.