Thursday, 7 February 2013

The must watch anime

Before we begin: Keep in mind that my personal is mixed into this post. Probably a lot of people will not agree with me and that is fine. You also might think that I sould have added more diversity, but then I also should have made a longer list which is a problem(time and effort). I was thinking of adding animes like Elfen lied, Kara no kyoukai(best visuals ever), Fate/Zero, Fate/night, Haruhi Suzumiya...And those are all great anime but for various reasons they just did not make it onto this list.

If you like anime, even the tiniest bit then you have to watch all 5 of those  animes.This is not my top 5 list.Those are the classics of modern day anime(from 2000 until today,but yeah I did mix in just a tiny bit of subjectivity).Anyway here goes the list:

1.)Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
A rewrite of the original Fullmetal alchemist.It is a fantastic story about how two brothers lost their family,how they learned to deal with it,how they have grown up and how they saved the world. The anime contains great visuals, interesting characters, lots of action, many lessons about life, an evil plot and many plot twists. And although Brotherhood is better than the original,after you are finished with brotherhood you will  want to watch the original which is also a good anime.If you want to watch something similar but that is not part of the same franchise try watching Pandora hearts.

2.)Death note
After you watch this anime nothing will be the same for you, ever, I promise. The best detective/mystery story ever. Period. Dozens of plot twists, an epic epic storyline, great art and lots of drama. A story about the clash of evil vs good. And the great characterization, especially of the 2 main characters. If you like magnificent bastards then this is absolutely for you. A psychological thriller where  multiple geniuses fight a battle of minds. Nothing is as it seems, or is it?After you watch this you will want to find similar animes and you may find animes which are more or less similar,but in general everyone who loves death note also loves this anime next on the list...

3.)Code geass
This anime just might make you a better person.Everything I have said about Death note so far is the same for this anime, because those 2 are just that similar. Except Code geass is not a detective story.It is a story about world domination and rebellion. A story about destruction and creation. A story about how to move on to the future. You will learn many valuable lessons about life in this anime.Also if you liked this anime and have not watched Death note yet, go watch Death note immediately.

4.)Devil may cry
If you like action animes,this is a definite must.It also has some horror elements. Expect  tons and tons of blood, action and gore.Loads of gun and sword fights.But the real strengths of this anime are the atmosphere, the main character, the visuals and the music. I loved the bloodthirsty  and yet cool headed personality of the main character. The badassery in this anime simply does not stop, ever. We will be shown both the badass and the leisure time sides of the main character. The atmosphere is of course dark and gothic. And fits the MC perfectly. In case you liked this anime you might want to check out no. 5. Also the anime is made after the games Devil may cry(1-4).

5.)Hellsing ultimate
This anime takes all the best things from Devil may cry and adds some of its own. Those 2 are pretty similar. The biggest difference is perhaps that instead of being an action anime with some horror parts this anime is kind of fifty-fity with the action and horror. And it has a much grander evil plot.If you liked this anime You must definitely watch Devil may cry.In fact watch both of those regardless.

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