Friday, 8 February 2013

Of stats...and mayonnaise


Well basically because in the first day of existence this blog had over a hundred visits I decided to make a post about the statistics of this blog.

To start off the site has a total of 389 hits as of now.Most of those are coming from,,google+ and

305 hits from Croatia
35 hits from the USA
17 hits from Bosnia
14 hits from Germany
6 hits from the United Kingdom
4 hits from Malesia
4 hits from the Philipines
2 hits from France
2 hits from Russia
2 hits from Singapore

This kind of dissapoints me because I am trying to reach an international audience.

Now the browser statistics:

192 hits(48%) Chrome
117 hits(29%) Firefox
71 hits(18%) Opera
8 hits(2%) Arora
4 hits(1%) Internet Explorer
1 hit(<1%) Flipboard

This is very good because it shows me that people do not want to use obsolete browsers like Internet explorer.

Operating sistems:
229 hits(62%) Windows
115 hits(31%) Linux
9 hits(2%) Other Unix???Freebsd perhaps? :)
8 hits(2%) Macintosh
5 hits(1%) Android 2.3.7
1 hit(<1%) iPhone

This part is kind of "Just as I expected."

Gllobally I am happy that I attracted a healthy audience in a short amount of time.

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