Monday, 4 March 2013

Off learning and stuff

This is kind of my story about how I changed,from being probably the most terrible student in my class to becoming a honor student.I did not really plan for it to happen,but it seems the  potential for it was there.

And now something important:YES YOU F*CKING CAN!

Also you have to decide when will you start.Because you probably  need preparation it should not be right now.Tomorrow,next week,next semester,next year,but you have  to start once.

At one point I was at a pretty terrible situation,so I decided,just for the lulz that next school year I will really try to learn from the beginning.My biggest problem  was perhaps that,I had a big concentration problem,so learning in bulk for anything longer than half an hour was either not efficient or  torture.I just can't concentrate,even while I am typing this I am thinking of at least 3 other things to do.
And the I got the idea of the century...

I got the idea about this system(or you may call it a schedule).It has a lot of details so unfortunately you might get lost,and I am not going to even mention half of the details,but the important thing is that you get the general idea.
(sorry if you get confused)
Basically from 9:00 until 21:00 I learn 1(or sometimes 2) thing per hour,it completely depends on the subject I am trying to learn at that moment:
a)a theoretical subject-I learn one UNIT per hour,and I only learn  those units which are going to be on the next exam.If the textbook is well made it is going to show you which parts of it are more important by either boldfacing them,putting them in colored brackets,underlined or all of those.If that is not the case try to get yourself a script,or try to determine by yourself what is important.I only learn those.
Also if you somehow got yourself the questions from last years exam(20 questions per hour),or the teacher gave you some pretty clear guidelines about what to learn I suggest you make your own script and learn from there.
b)practical subjects-including math...I copy one complete math example from my textbook.Or if I feel they are too short I copy two or more.If I think I already know one I try solving one.The same goes for all practical subjects like for instance programming,I compile & run one program,after a second of staring at the code,or if I feel like I can write it myself  I first write it myself.
c)mixed theoretical-practical subjects-First i start doing things like in a),then the next time I will learn that subject I will do things like I do in b),then a),then b),a),b),...If it is easy enough I might do both a) and b) in one hour.

This way I learn on an average 15 minutes per hour,but multiple hours per day.

Also it might happen that you need to help out your parents or you go out of your home for a while(you go to school,go out with your friends,anything that will keep you away from home).Well if I am unavailable for learning for 30 minutes or more inside that one hour then there is no need to learn.For instance,I came back home from college at exactly 14:30,then there is no need to learn for me.

It is important that you learn from the start of the semester/school year.If all your teachers did on your first day in school was write one sentence down,you should learn  and repeat that sentence until you get more stuff to learn.Also,once you had an exam from a subject,after that you probably have a blank slate in that subject,meaning you don't have anything to learn in that subject.Until you get something to learn in that subject you should learn other subjects.

You can take a break during important holidays.You don't have to learn on days like new year,christmas,old year,birthday...Or reduce your workload to something like once every 2 hours.

This is important:
Make a vertical list of your subjects,write them down on a piece of paper with squares.Once you finish learning one subject add a x or + beside it.The next hour start learning the next subject,after you finish it mark it with an x or +,and so on and so on,until you fill out the piece of paper.Once you do that take another piece of paper and change the subject order.

Three days before any exam that will affect my average,every second hour I will learn the subject of that exam.

And the best thing about this system how I call it is that it is modular.You can change everything I have written here,according to your needs and wants.You can even add your own rules to it.And remember,don't be too harsh on yourself and don't be too easy on yourself.

I hope I have helped at least someone.

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