Sunday, 17 February 2013

Where would I like to travel/live?

Well, this post is a bit personal,yeah.Anyhow,these are my three favourite countries in the world.I hope to live in one of them one day,or at least visit them.Sweden,Japan and Russia.Ofc. there are many other nice places on earth,but for various reasons I like those.I will start with the easiest to explain.Also yes I think I would like the people of their respective countries.

Sweden-People in Sweden have it nice.A lot of people say that Swedes are the richest people on this planet.But what is more important to me is that Sweden is the most liberal country in Europe and in a lot of peoples opinions the most civilisationally advanced country in the world.Their crime rate is quite low.And yeah,they are quite technologically advanced,probably the most advanced in Europe.Swedes are known to be reserved,tolerable and generally  fun loving.
Another reason why I love them is SWEDISH DEATH METAL:

Japan-Well I grew up on anime.They are among the richest in the world.They are the most technologically advanced country in the world,just try googling "Japanese toilets".They have an almost "0 crime" society,they even have completely unguarded vending machines on every street corner.Also they say that in Japan every spring is like spring,every summer is like summer,every autumn is like autumn and every winter is like winter.I like that because in the last few years in my country  the weather only switched from summer to winter mode(and I hate summer).I think I would like their culture and their people as well.Basically their children are taught from a young age to pursue their interests outside from home.In my country it is very unusual for children to be in after school clubs.While In Japan it is more unusual not to be in a club.They have sports clubs,literary clubs,"magic societies",computer clubs even clubs for just hanging around and being lazy,all those as official school clubs.

Russia-If I had to put it in one sentence I would say:"Russia is the most badass place to live in!"Just look at this video:
Russia is the only place where you can find abandoned tanks in a forest:
That is badass.Of course in comparison to Japan and Sweden,Russia is quite different because it is not very economically and technologically advanced.However Russian economy was getting stronger until the global crisis came.Also I would love the Russian industrial/post-industrial landscape.It would be quite the thrill for me to explore their abandoned factories and buildings.Russians are widely known for their badassery and sociability.

Some other places I would like to be in:Germany(grew up on German satellite TV where I had anime translated to German),the Baltic,The rest of Northern Europe and if I had to pick a spot in any of the Americas I would probably go to Canada.I guess I just like the North.

My dream vacation would be a 6 month tour starting in North Europe or Japan,then traveling trough Russia by train and ending somewhere in North Europe or Japan,depending on where I started.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

C programming "Hello world"...detailed example


So basically I thought why not to have a mini programming tutorial.The programming language we are going to use is called "C".Not C++ or C#.There is a big enough difference.
First what you are going to need is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment),unless you are pro and can program in notepad or gedit...In that case just skip this post.There are many good free IDE's but I would recommend Devcpp for Windows or Monodevelop for Linux(for Mac idk,try googling "C IDE for mac").Once you have that open a "solution",select "C console project" and give it a name.Click "OK" and double click on main.c and you are ready to go.Erase everything that was in the file because we are going to start from scratch.

"main.c" is very important,because this is the core file of your program and this is the only file of your program that is actually "running".All the other  simply "attach" themselves to main.c when they are needed.

Now write this line into main.c:
Congratulations,you just wrote your first line of code,you are no longer a programming virgin.#include is the command which "attaches" files into each other.Unfortunately the link is not bidirectional,but you do not have to worry about that yet.stdio.h is called a "header file".You should think of it as "the library that has all the basic C commands".

Now press enter and write this:
int main()
int is called a "type modifier".As you progress you will learn more about it.Now,what is a function?A function is a batch of variables and commands and it usually does something.Every C program has a "main" function.It is the central part of every C program.The bracket in this case is the beginning of the function body.
Press enter and write this:
printf("hello world");
printf is the function which is used for telling the program that it should write something on the screen.The brackets and apostrophes are mandatory,whatever is between them will be written on the screen.The ; is used to tell the program that this is the end of that line of code and it is mandatory most of the times.You will learn later where it is not mandatory.
Now press enter and write:
return 0;
In this case the return command is used for stopping your program.It has some other uses though.The final bracket is the end of the function body.
Now it should look like this:
int main()
printf("hello world");
return 0;
Why all those "enter's"?Because readable C code should expand vertically not horizontally.
Now somewhere in your IDE's menus there should be a "start without debugging" button.Press it.No errors?Good!In the console window that popped up you should be able to read a line that says hello world!

Congratulations you just finished your first program!Now google "c programming tutorials"!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Of stats...and mayonnaise


Well basically because in the first day of existence this blog had over a hundred visits I decided to make a post about the statistics of this blog.

To start off the site has a total of 389 hits as of now.Most of those are coming from,,google+ and

305 hits from Croatia
35 hits from the USA
17 hits from Bosnia
14 hits from Germany
6 hits from the United Kingdom
4 hits from Malesia
4 hits from the Philipines
2 hits from France
2 hits from Russia
2 hits from Singapore

This kind of dissapoints me because I am trying to reach an international audience.

Now the browser statistics:

192 hits(48%) Chrome
117 hits(29%) Firefox
71 hits(18%) Opera
8 hits(2%) Arora
4 hits(1%) Internet Explorer
1 hit(<1%) Flipboard

This is very good because it shows me that people do not want to use obsolete browsers like Internet explorer.

Operating sistems:
229 hits(62%) Windows
115 hits(31%) Linux
9 hits(2%) Other Unix???Freebsd perhaps? :)
8 hits(2%) Macintosh
5 hits(1%) Android 2.3.7
1 hit(<1%) iPhone

This part is kind of "Just as I expected."

Gllobally I am happy that I attracted a healthy audience in a short amount of time.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The must watch anime

Before we begin: Keep in mind that my personal is mixed into this post. Probably a lot of people will not agree with me and that is fine. You also might think that I sould have added more diversity, but then I also should have made a longer list which is a problem(time and effort). I was thinking of adding animes like Elfen lied, Kara no kyoukai(best visuals ever), Fate/Zero, Fate/night, Haruhi Suzumiya...And those are all great anime but for various reasons they just did not make it onto this list.

If you like anime, even the tiniest bit then you have to watch all 5 of those  animes.This is not my top 5 list.Those are the classics of modern day anime(from 2000 until today,but yeah I did mix in just a tiny bit of subjectivity).Anyway here goes the list:

1.)Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
A rewrite of the original Fullmetal alchemist.It is a fantastic story about how two brothers lost their family,how they learned to deal with it,how they have grown up and how they saved the world. The anime contains great visuals, interesting characters, lots of action, many lessons about life, an evil plot and many plot twists. And although Brotherhood is better than the original,after you are finished with brotherhood you will  want to watch the original which is also a good anime.If you want to watch something similar but that is not part of the same franchise try watching Pandora hearts.

2.)Death note
After you watch this anime nothing will be the same for you, ever, I promise. The best detective/mystery story ever. Period. Dozens of plot twists, an epic epic storyline, great art and lots of drama. A story about the clash of evil vs good. And the great characterization, especially of the 2 main characters. If you like magnificent bastards then this is absolutely for you. A psychological thriller where  multiple geniuses fight a battle of minds. Nothing is as it seems, or is it?After you watch this you will want to find similar animes and you may find animes which are more or less similar,but in general everyone who loves death note also loves this anime next on the list...

3.)Code geass
This anime just might make you a better person.Everything I have said about Death note so far is the same for this anime, because those 2 are just that similar. Except Code geass is not a detective story.It is a story about world domination and rebellion. A story about destruction and creation. A story about how to move on to the future. You will learn many valuable lessons about life in this anime.Also if you liked this anime and have not watched Death note yet, go watch Death note immediately.

4.)Devil may cry
If you like action animes,this is a definite must.It also has some horror elements. Expect  tons and tons of blood, action and gore.Loads of gun and sword fights.But the real strengths of this anime are the atmosphere, the main character, the visuals and the music. I loved the bloodthirsty  and yet cool headed personality of the main character. The badassery in this anime simply does not stop, ever. We will be shown both the badass and the leisure time sides of the main character. The atmosphere is of course dark and gothic. And fits the MC perfectly. In case you liked this anime you might want to check out no. 5. Also the anime is made after the games Devil may cry(1-4).

5.)Hellsing ultimate
This anime takes all the best things from Devil may cry and adds some of its own. Those 2 are pretty similar. The biggest difference is perhaps that instead of being an action anime with some horror parts this anime is kind of fifty-fity with the action and horror. And it has a much grander evil plot.If you liked this anime You must definitely watch Devil may cry.In fact watch both of those regardless.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The introduction

First,please turn off your grammar nazi mod, I do not care.
Second, Why left alignment? Because I am special!
Third if I can I want to do everything... LIKE A BOSS:
Fourth I have a very ecclectic taste for almost everything.

Anyway, this is the part where I start introducing myself. My nickname is "The blue dragon". My high school colleagues gave it to me,and at first I hated it. However one day I noticed that it sounds like a badass epic nickname from something like lord of the rings or something like that and gradually I started to like it. My real name is Mario Kamenjak. I am an IT student at the polytechnic of Zagreb. And I am a relatively good student there, unfortunately not one of the top 5 yet, but give it time. Among others my skills include html/css(including html5 and css3), C programming, C++ programming(but I prefer C for various reasons which I will tell you in a later blog post), e-commerce(including a little bit of marketing strategies), computer science in general(including electronics and software), English, German...

What are my interests? My three main interests among others...
Well obviously computer science... Also there is Metal music which plays a big part in my life and anime. Oh yeah and occasionally I try and do some art... in the physical or virtual world. To me there is simply no other genre of music that is so great and that has that much "raw energy" inside of it. And basically I need that raw energy a lot. It is the only music that gets me 100% excited. Metal is just that,it basically says: "Good is never good enough for music,music has to be awesome!". Anime is my anti drug. I am intrigued by the Japanese culture,I love the interesting stories and the intriguing characters and their back stories and the overall epicness that occurs very often in anime. Thanks to anime we have many many great imaginary characters like L, Roy Mustang, Light Yagami, Lelouch vi Britannia ,Son Goku, the Elric brothers, Dante, Alucard... And nothing is as cute as anime characters, when they are supposed to be cute... I like most sub-genres of anime be it Yuri, Horror, Action, Slice of life as long as the anime itself is any good.As for art... I guess I am just artistic.

What interests me the most in computer science?
Linux(and the whole FOSS community) and Computer security. Linux,well it really was love at first sight.I tried it the first time somewhere around 2010. At that time I was already a Windows user for 11 years and Windows really became became pale and unexciting to me. And with it I was almost getting bored of computers. In fact almost all I did was just play games,nothing productive.I was even a Windows Vista fanboy. Then I  booted my first Linux distro(Mandriva Linux 2010) and suddenly a whole new world of software,free software opened up to me.Computing became once again exciting,kind of like "the wild west" for me.I became an obsessed geek again. A fast,nice and sleek OS that just worked and that was customizable to the last byte. And as a social-libertarian/social-anarchist I LOVE the FOSS ideology.
Now about "Computer security". It is also very exciting for me,mainly because I like this spy/detective stuff. I would even go as far as to say that I would like to become a kind of "IT detective". Basically I would love to have something like the most secure PC in the country,just for bragging rights. And the feeling of superiority when you know that you could hack almost every pc in your perimeter. I am sure that is a great feeling. Really I consider security people to be very close to the top of the industry, because security work is really for those "Jack of all trades" kind of people. My dream job is to become a penetration tester. Those guys really have to be at the top of their game. A penetration tester basically does the same thing a cracker would do except he is paid for it and does it for improving the computer security of the customer. I am also a bit interested into programming.Mostly in the hopes to develop FOSS applications and to contribute to the Linux kernel.

What skills do I hope to gain one day?
Of course all the skills I need to become a Linux wizard and all the skills I need to become a succesful penetration tester or "IT detective". I would also like to further improve my skill in C programming. Also I would like to learn python and assembly one day. Among other things of course.

Now you have a general overview of what I will be writing on my blog. I do not  promise regular updates because... because. But please do check out this blog occasionally.
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