Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How the radical right is helping ISIS

Basically, the european radical right is actually helping ISIS goals. What is their goal? ISIS goal is to create a WWIII between the muslims and the rest.

To understand that we must know 3 facts:
1) What we have today is not the largest migration ever. It is quite large, but ever since the Roman empire and the Huns we have had so many large migrations inside of europe that it is impossible to count all of them.
2) Nobody in history ever has been able to stop migrations. Ever. People even manage to migrate in and out of North Korea.
3) ISIS wants you to hate muslims.

Now, I don't want to protect Islam in any way. Islam is a backwards religion, just like well almost any religion.(In fact the concept of religion itself is backwards)

Why does ISIS want you to hate muslims?
Well it is the same old cycle of hatred concept. Remember that the goal of ISIS is WWIII?
Step 1 of their plan is to cause terror. This will create a fear of muslims, and that same fear will create hate. They are trying to radicalise Europe into a muslim hating fascist state. So far unfortunately they have had some success, especially in some eastern/central european countries.
Step 2 of their plan is that European radical rightists start attacking muslims in their own countries. This will then radicalise those muslims. It will make terrorists out of moderate muslims and further reinforce step 1. Mistreated muslims and immigrants will become militant. It is easy to recruit a muslim who was mistreated by european nationalists into terrorist organisations. They will spread the news of what is happenning to the middle east too.
Step 3 is to use the news of what is happening in Europe to further radicalise any moderate muslims that exist in the middle east. The goals of steps 1-3 is to create two opposing sides, two armies of people that hate each other.
Step 4 is war.

So really, while the radical right is thinking they are fighting ISIS, they are really actually helping them, because ISIS actually anticipated their reaction.

What do I want you to learn from this? Well just a few things:
-Fear is the mind killer. By allowing yourself to feel fear you are allowing people to control you.

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