Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why I love humans

This is a copy and paste from a facebook comment I made a few months ago. Simply, the topic came to 'do you love humans or not'. And when I answered it, I realised I had a prett good comment that I could upload to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

"Ok, here it goes.

Well first some of the downsides: We still act tribally, we are still somewhat selfish and we still have wars.

But now, why do I love humans?

Well, firstly, every human(no matter how good or bad the person is) that you meet on the street is a being with his friends and family. He is a being with his own thoughts. His own story. His own fears and weaknesses as well as his hopes and strengths. He can have a bad day, or worse, he could have big problems in his life at the moment. Also he can have a good day, or he can even have the best time in his life. And the process of finding a girlfiriend/boyfriend or having a job or going to education is also stressful. 95% of those people are either members of the middle or lower class.
And yet with all those problems and drama 99% of people still find the strength to wake up each day. All of that makes humans interesting to watch.
When I think of strangers like that, those strangers do not seem like such strangers that much. At the end of the day, if someone dies there will very probably be some parent, widow, child or friend that will cry at his funeral.And to add up to all of this still each of us is somehow different from the other ones. Or to sum this paragraph up, I both can relate to humans a bit and I do indeed find them interesting to watch.

Secondly, humanity with all of its flaws, occasionally it does show signs of improvement... VERY SLOWLY. Compare it to how it was during and before WWII. How it was 500 years ago. 1000, 2000, 5000, 100000 years ago.
Fact is that humanity is the most dominant species of all time. We are more dominant than the dinosaurs ever were(not yet by much though). We are also the only species with a developed conscience(the only 'known' species if we include aliens). I have just recently read that scientists are pretty close to detecting which brain functions turns a normal person into a murdering psychopath and how to stop it. Not only that but we are so far the only known species that has left the atmosphere of its own planet. We are the only species capable of abstract thought.

Thirdly, I am a part of it, and so are my friends, you know the good people, or at least the ones I like. If humanity dies, I die and so do my friends. If humanity survives, I still might die, but there is a chance of survival.
To be honest, to me it probably is one of the few things other than my friends towards which I feel some kind of loyality. Nations and religions do not mean much to me.

Fourthly, there is also a sense of grattitude. I am alive because my parents wanted to have a child. And now remember paragraph 1. But I am also alive because a farmer had some animals, for which he worked hard to grow those animals big. This same farmer sold those animals to a butcher, who worked hard to process the meat. The same meat that I ate.
I am also alive because a policeman did his duty. And because the doctors whom I went to nursed me back to health. Then there are the firemen as well. They all have their bad and good sides. I have this comfy chair and my laptop because many people worked hard to make them in a factory. Even more people worked in mines to dig up the materials for them. Sure, they all were paid(I hope) more or less for what they did, but they all contributed."

Here I explained some reasons why I love humans. You may disagree with me, that is within your freedom. But those are the reasons why I think we should fight any opressors of human rights and any opressors of freedom. That is also why we should help feed the poor and why we should support the poor lower classes. Those are the reasons why we should fight for peace and a more free and simultaneusly equal world. Those are the reasons why we should fight not for a utopia, but for a better real world. But we must also never feel fear because trough fear they control us.

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