Sunday, 27 March 2016

A 'flaw' in Linux detected!

As a geek and wannabe system/network/whatever administrator I very much love to work with computers.
I have used Linux since 2010, used it as my main OS since 2012, and as my only OS since 2014(with an interrupt in fall 2014).

However linux has a big FLAW for me.
It is too boring. There is no maintenance. Back when I was on Windows I had to make myself useful by picking the right AV and firewall, regularly updating them. I had to constantly fix registry errors and clear the cache(CCleaner anyone?). I had to defragment regularly. I also occassionally manually checked for viruses.

However, when I completely switched to Linux, all of that disappeared. For whatever reason, desktop Linux malware is almost nonexistant. There is no registry,just an occassional dependency problem which happens once every few months(on average) and is easily fixable. Cache filling is there but it's effect on performance is negligible. Filesystem fragmentation is also negligible. Systems that have been running for 10 years get like 1% of fragmentation. Manual virus checks, well I do have Clam-TK installed but basically I have it just for fun because I am a crypto-geek. As for firewalls, it has the most powerful firewall built directly into the kernel, and it even has sane defaults most of the time(iptables).

The only solution I have to fix this problem is that I can try to customise my Linux install. The good news here is that the customisation options are limitless. I can spend anywhere from 0 seconds to months customising and I would still only be limited by my skill. If I want to I can even go into the source code, reprogram it and recompile it.

What is your comment on this big 'flaw' :P of Linux?

p.s. if you still haven't understood, that 'flaw' is just a sarcastic way of saying it is an advantage.

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