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Ubuntu Q&A 18.08.2015

Hello everyone.
I have decided to start a new miniseries on this blog. This is the third post I am making inside of this series and this time I will write about the Q&A that happened last week. This miniseries will be overviewing the regular weekly Q & A's held by the Canonical community team. I don't promise to do this miniseries regularly because of my own time constrictions. I also will not write about every question that was asked, I will only write about questions and answers which I consider interesting. And I will only indirectly report what was asked and how it was answered. You can find those details in the video of the sessions themselves. I will however put a link to the videos(if I forgot the link, please tell me so in the comments). So let's start with the first question.
Also due to circumstances, this time I was not able to find the exact time in the video wen the question was asked.

Note:If you have any questions yourself, after reading this, please don't ask me, instead join the Q&A sessions which happen every Tuesday on 15:00(UTC) on

Is there a page for new developers who want to help with cloud/server and a list of issues they can work on?
Not, there is not a formal program for that yet, ping the ubuntu engineers for what you are interested in.

What are charms?

Sets of code that execute in clouds to coordinate services with each other

What do you think of Canonical's extensive use of google's services for storing potentially confidential business information, eg in google drive, when they are now a direct competitor with Android vs Ubuntu? If a viable LibreOffice online cloud alternative existed would you prefer Canonical to move to such a service?
The engineers said that they preferred online services, however he did admit there were some concerns with them. They have said that they have contractual arrangements with them and that there is no spying going on. They also mentioned that they do understand the concerns.

When is the expected release of the 'Convergent' Ubuntu Phone ? i.e. if not specific date - what month ?
This year

What is the safest way to install debs on Ubuntu Phone?
Create a chroot on the phone and chroot into that.

I have a raspberry pi 2, is there already something available to install something like Ubuntu Next and a media server like Kodi on it ?
It is kind of difficult. But it would be nice to have a Kodi only image.

Is there a planned optimisation of Ubuntu phone for the Nexus 5?
That is a community maintained port.

Will we be able to make phone calls and SMS from the terminal? A use case for this would be i.e. your phone is docked to a screen and keyboard, and you are already working on your keyboard in a terminal but noy you need to make a phone call.
This already works, we just need to find out how, you can find it in the source code for the dialer app, it is a niche use case, it would be cool though, especially with ascii art.

What is the status of the Dekko Email client? Is it being moved into the core? Also, what is the best way to get involved in helping with testing? My email is self hosted so the webapps are not of much help.
Jump into the irc and ask, there is a plan for dekko to become the default email client, it is mostly there.

So this time around there were not many questions. Anyways here is the link to the video. The questions will start only after 10-20 minutes.

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