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Ubuntu Q&A 04.08.2015

Hello everyone.
I have decided to start a new miniseries on this blog. This is the third post I am making inside of this series and this time I will write about the Q&A that happened 2 weeks ago. This miniseries will be overviewing the regular weekly Q & A's held by the Canonical community team. I don't promise to do this miniseries regularly because of my own time constrictions. I also will not write about every question that was asked, I will only write about questions and answers which I consider interesting. And I will only indirectly report what was asked and how it was answered. You can find those details in the video of the sessions themselves. I will however put a link to the videos(if I forgot the link, please tell me so in the comments). So let's start with the first question.
 15:25 Any news on the north American phone yet?
 They are still working on it. It is a priority. 

15:58 When can we download the Ubuntu personal ISO with an installer?
No plans yet. You can download an image onto a USB and boot from the USB already.

18:00 Will Ubuntu touch support snapshots?
Not out of the box yet. Maybe some day.
19:00 Will Ubuntu run windows applications without wine? 
No. Can Windows run Linux applications?

19:50 How is the power consumption when compared between Unity8 and Unity7?
Because mobiles are very resource restrained unity8 roughly needs less resources. They don't have exact data yet.

21:00 Will the deb based Ubuntu be discontinued once Ubuntu personal gets stable?
No it won't. Even snappy is built on top of the archives which are Debian based.
22:50 At whom is the deb based and at whom is the snappy based Ubuntu targeted at?
Ubuntu-personal is for people who need their os to be less versatile, average users
Ubuntu-deb is more customizable 
26:20 In which part of Ubuntu would you like people to be involved?
On the phone, localisation, testing(there is a page on the wiki), core applications, feedback... 

32:20 In Ubuntu snappy will there be anything such as libraries that you will need to build statically?
Yes, there will be because they will have to be self contained, meaning a lot of it will have to be statically linked. But also there will be less dependency hells, if any.

34:00 What are the new features of 15.10?
It will have updated packages. an updated Ubuntu make. And also hidpi support will be very improved

36:00 Can unity 8 and mir be used on the deb based ubuntu since on the phone it uses click?
Yes, there is already an installable session for mir and unity8.

36:45 what is the difference between unity8, next, touch?
Unity8 is the next desktop shell.
Ubuntu touch is the not to be used project name for the Ubuntu phone project(Call it ubuntu phone from now on).
Desktop next was an image preview where they tried to incorporate phone technologies on the desktop and it will soon be replaced by personal.
38:40 Gnome has been working on its own application sandbox, has there or will there be any collaboration?
Nothing has happened yet, they could have conversations with them, however their system is very different from Ubuntu's sandboxing.
 40:45 When will Ubuntu personal land on Ubuntu phones?
Somewhere around 16.04.
42:40 What do you think the landscape will look like for 3rd party application developers by 16.04? 
They feel that it will look great because there will be so many new things. They are looking for general developers that will develop code and documentation. They also said that they already have many developers that just want to participate. They also said they want to make even better documentation and that Ubuntu make will be remade, also the SDK will be further improved. Also they have stated that Canonical is looking for engineer managers that will focus on the developer experience.

44:50 Are workspaces planned for unity8?
They want to reach feature parity with unity7, however they don't know yet.

45:35 On the market there are some mhl cables that connect the meizu with external screens, will that land in Ubuntu, or is there any other way to connect the phone to a screen,is there a problem or a lack of developers to do that?
They are limited by the hardware. They were so far only testing the nexus 4 with such features, so they think there are possible hardware limitations. Wifi and bluetooth have just a terrible experience with that.

47:20 Since sdl2 is used so much for gaming, are there any plans to officially support sdl2 in the ubuntu sdk?
An SDL template already exists on github, and there are example applications. It is though very buggy. It is possible to include it in the SDK, but then they would need to import huge chunks of SDL.

49:25 Canonical seems to have gotten rid of Ubuntu1 just when it was most needed, are there any plans to allow phone or laptop syncing?
Ubuntu1 was really bad with syncing. There are already other syncing applications in the mobile store including Dropbox.

50:30 Is there any communication with KDE over the shashlik approach by running android applications on a real Linux, does Ubuntu consider this?
They don't even know about the technology. It is not on the roadmap yet. They do acknowledge that the Application ecosystem is vital, however they do not want to add it because they are sceptic on how the applications would integrate into the system. They also do not want to be Android copycats. Also by supporting Android applications they would demotivate people from making native Ubuntu applications.

53:35 Will Ubuntu 16.04 be the last Unity7 and deb based version?
No, because everything, including snappy is based on the Debian archives. Unity7 though will eventually be discontinued.

55:24 With all the talk about the phones, where do the tablets stand right now? I.e. the Nexus 10?
Tablets are the stepping stone in their convergence vision. As for the nexus 10, they are not happy with it's GPU.

56:30 Any hope of running snap applications on the deb system for 16.04, it would make it a lot easier for developers to target us?
Technically they could run because Snappy is a very improved Debian packaging system. And they do agree it is important for the developer experience. However Snappy is heavily reliant on sandboxing which just does not exist on the Debian based image.

58:00 Is it possible to switch between standard and personal ubuntu from the login screen, if not will it be possible one day?
No, you will have to dual boot. However you can have both unity8 and 7 installed on the same system at the same time already.

59:30 Should I distribute applications as snapps or debs?
It depends on your target audience. However they do consider the new application store much better than the old one.

1:00:40 Does convergence also mean backwards compatibility with the applications already running on the ubuntu desktop, or should they be repackaged for Ubuntu phone?
It must be repackaged. They are thinking about some compatibilities, but it will have to be repackaged.

Phew, this was a long one.

And here is the video:

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