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Ubuntu Q&A 14.07.2015

Hello everyone.
I have decided to start a new miniseries on this blog. This is the second post I am making inside of this series and this time I will write about the Q&A that happened 3 weeks ago. This miniseries will be overviewing the regular weekly Q & A's held by the Canonical community team. I don't promise to do this miniseries regularly because of my own time constrictions. I also will not write about every question that was asked, I will only write about questions and answers which I consider interesting. And I will only indirectly report what was asked and how it was answered. You can find those details in the video of the sessions themselves. I will however put a link to the videos(if I forgot the link, please tell me so in the comments). So let's start with the first question.
13:44 Is there a forum or a website where members of the community can send their ideas for unity8 desktop?
Actually, yes there is:
Also the developers have said that there exist Ubuntu dedicated groups on google+ as well that you can contact most developers directly on Google+.

15:45 What is the future of flash updates on Ubuntu?
It is a hard decision due to the many flash elements on old websites, however flash will die.

20:27 Will the phone software store replace the software center in the future?
Yes, but it will not happen in Unity7, meaning it will not happen very soon. However the technology for them is a bit similar.

22:34 Will there be a tweaking tool for unity8 to change the size of the icons, also will unity 8 support themes?
There already is such a tweaking tool on the open applcation store for ubuntu touch. It is called tweakgeek(I am not sure if I heard that right from the video though). But so far there are no plans to implement it in the OS itself.
As for themes, unity8 already supports application level themeing, OS level themeing is being worked on and it will come.

27:42 What is Ubuntu phone's goal on the global market in terms of marketshare?
The platform is just a few months old, and there are only 3 devices out yet. So it is still too early to talk about this, but the current market share is of course still low.(In previous statements they have said that market share is not something they are aiming for right now).

30:57 Aside from the scopes initiative, are there any other initiatives to fix the application gap on phones and tablets?
Yes, there was a huge hackathon in China. Work is being done together with universities. Something new will be announced very soon. They are constantly working on improving the SDK, API and other tools. They are communicating with 3rd party developers. However they have mentioned that none of this will come over night. They have also praised the Dekko email client application for being a great example of a good application for the platform.
Also they have mentioned that Linux itself has grown a long way even without binary compatibility with Windows or Mac applications.

34:00 Will we see the return of the 100 papercuts project?
The project actually still exists. You could however make a global jam to make another such initiative with a list of problems, and you could even try to solve them.

36:00 Is there an ETA on mir proprietary drivers?
None.However support is being made on many things, including the fact that GTK applications now work on mir.

41:27 Upuports project, is it good or bad?
It is great. The developers have stressed on how much harder it is to install Ubuntu on a random phone, than it is to install it on a random PC, mostly because some drivers can not be redistributed. They have also praised the OnePlus One port for Ubuntu touch. They have also reminded us that they still have the intent to run Ubuntu Linux on everything "From supercomputers to your toaster." (Libretoast, I am coming)

47:20 What advice can you give to non-programmers to contribute to ubuntu phone?
You can contribute in discussions, you can contribute with your own designs, you can contribute by translating You can test how the devel and proposed images work, you can suggest application ideas(even better if you write project documentation about them).
Also have a look at one of my other blog posts:

55:35 Is the hud and global search coming back?
They had nothing specific to say about the HUD, they did however say it would be great if they could implement it somehow, with voice search.

59:00 Will they add easter eggs?
Yes, they said it would be cool.

59:40 Will Firefox remain the default browser on the desktop? There was talk that it would be replaced by Chromium, or that it could be replaced with the phone Web browser?

They have said that they would not be surprised if Firefox was replaced as the default web browser on the desktop. However no such decision has been made. They also said that they would need many discussion and feedback rounds for that. So everything is open.

And here is the link to the video:

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