Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 mini review{Updated}

Up until lately I have been using Ubuntu 13.04,and a few days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10.Now I will write a mini review of Ubuntu 13.10.

The problem with writing a review of Linux Ubuntu 13.10 is that there is not much to write about.Most of the changes were either bugfixes or were changes under the hood.

Standardly the new version brought new versions of everything:kernel,Libre office,gui...

I have had just a minor problem while upgrading.Since I have both KDE and unity installed I had to uninstall unity before I could upgrade,and later reinstall it.

Now let's talk about some bugs I have had in 13.04 and if they are fixed in 13.10:
-GPU overheating with standard drivers-This bug is still here.I have found a kind of fix.I basically have to shut down hybrid graphics from the bios.The problem with that fix is that my Radeon gpu is the one which is deactivated in that case.
-With some toying around it can be fixed:
-I even installed the proprietary drivers without a problem like this:
-Can't create online accounts-Luckily fixed.Now I can synchronize my g+,facebook,and whatever accounts into applications like shotwell,empathy and whatever I want.
-Luckily I did not find any new bugs yet.

Now let's talk about whatever small changes I have noticed in the new unity GUI.There were some new nice icons,nothing big.Also dash now finally supports smart scopes.It is basically a tool which you can use to search online websites without a browser and you search them together with your local programs and files.And those smart scopes are pretty configurable,you can disable them,leave them as they are or configure them in more or less any way you want.

And what is my verdict?It is an improvement over 13.04 and for now I plan to stay on it.

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