Monday, 7 October 2013


So...for a while already I have wanted to write a post about music.I will write about which music genres I like.I will end with the ones I like most.

Keep this in mind:I am a normal(more or less) guy,those are just my opinions,I don't hate,judge,discriminate or even dislike other people just because they don't listen to the same music I do.

90's techno:Yeah,occasionally there are some good old school techno songs like voodoo people...

Classical/neoclassical:Sometimes I like that refined sound.Especially when the song/composition is a bit lively,or when it is quite dramatic.

Ska:This one happened accidentally.Ska songs were often played in a club which I liked to visit.All of a sudden I noticed that ska makes for some very relaxing background ambient music.

J-pop:I watch loads of anime,that came with the territory.After watchings tons of anime ending/opening songs you gotta start liking some of them.

Now let's go to the genres I like more...

Rock:A very very broad genre with multiple dozens of huge subgenres so you really have a choice.I am kind of at a loss of words here because most of us have a basic idea what rock is.The best thing about rock is how it is unpredictable,especially its tempo can range from slow mellow songs to fast hard rock songs.Plus it incorporates other genres I have or will mention in this post.

Punk rock:Oh yeah...I like its 'no fucks are given' attitude,its songs,its lyrics.Punk rock is...punk rock is about having fun,but it is just as much about being serious.There are those songs which are clearly just designed for having fun and then there are more serious songs.There is traditional punk rock and there is hardcore punk.Another thing I like about punk is that it often has very smart messages in its lyrics.

J-rock:I already said that I like J-pop,and I also already said that I like Rock.Well then how could I not like J-rock?Of course I like it,I love it.

And now my favorite genre...

Metal:I love it.Everything from it.Old school or new school.Traditional heavy metal or extreme metal.Black,death,gothic,symphonic,progressive metal...Basically when I listen to it I feel like that music has so much raw power,and almost like some of that power is transferred to me.Yeah,I know this last sentence sounded absurd but,we are talking about music.Metal also has loads of subgenres so it is hard to get bored of it.For me Metal is the opposite of boring,it is about excitement when the riffs are just great.

Anyhow,so much about that.I just hope you will be fair and not judge me because of the music I listen to.

Have a nice day :)

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