Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stats again:a quickfire double

Two posts today :D
It is always easy to make a post about stats,now here is the first post about stats:

A lot has happened since the old times,I have reached new highs and new lows...
Now,let's go post by post on how many views they have:
C programming "Hello world"...detailed example-264 views
Where would I like to travel/live?-239 views
Off learning and stuff-174 views

Then I have skipped posting for about a month and a half and tihs is what happens:
Mini review of Ubuntu 13.04-460 views.

Seems good right?Well after this i made a pause of 2 and a half months and this is what happened:
Newsflash-17 views
And yet another one...Horror anime....-42 views
A bit about psychology...-29 views
Once read can (not) be unread :P-40 views
Employed...and unemployed again :(-18 views.

So as you can see I am fighting a tough battle to regain my readrship.I have no idea where to freely advertise this blog right now.

The top 3 web pages that generated the most traffic for me in the last month are: views
Facebook-29views views

Now by countries for last month:
Croatia 216
Usa 57
Mexico 34
Bosnia 21
Russia 16
U.k. 9
Poland 7
Phillipines 6
Australia 5
India 5

Now by browsers for last month:
Chrome 206
Firefox 85
Opera 50
Safari 47
Internet explorer 34
SimplePie 18
Mobile Safari 6
Mobile 3
CriOs 2
BingPreview 1

And now by OS for last month:
Windows 283
Linux 62
Macintosh 50
Other Unix 15
Android 11
Ipad 8
Iphone 4
Ipod 2

Now by country for the whole time:
Croatia 2123
USA 978
Bosnia 227
Philippines 172
Germany 135
U.K. 125
Serbia 121
Japan 91-nice,hope you continue to read me
India 65
Mexico 62

Chrome 2743
Firefox 1496
Opera 510
Internet explorere 279
Safari 151
Mobile safari 47
Simple pie 18
Arora 8
CriOS 7
Maxthon 7

Operating systems:
Windows 3299
Linux 861
Other unix 303
Macintosh 190
Android 68
iPhone 35
iPad 19
Android 2.3.7 5
S60 5
Android 2.3.6 5

And total views:    5.292

I hope you liked reading this!

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