Sunday, 25 August 2013

Employed...and unemployed again :(

So basically yeah,last week I finally found a job somehow.I became a telephone sales agent!
The job was not bad really,the environment and company were nice.I met some nice people there.I even was lucky enough to grab the window seat!But after my finished 8 hours I felt a bit stressed.I guess that is what hundreds of phone calls do to you.

So why did I quit in the end?I guess I just could not sell anything.There were some borderline cases where I almost did it...but yeah.And there is also the fact that I planned to quit at the beginning of October anyways so.

Although I won't actively search for a job for now(because of college) I will apply if I find a very interesting job ad.

But,let's look at the positives.It was a nice experience to have.Now I myself have experienced what a work day is.I have also proved that I am durable enough to endure it.My communication skills might have improved.Also now I have time to develop some skills,which otherwise I would not have been able to do.

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