Monday, 6 April 2015

Ubuntu app reviews:Green Mahjong

I have decided to start a new series of small application reviews for the Ubuntu phone and Ubuntu unity8.So Since I like to play the occasional game of Mahjong I decided to review “Green Mahjong”.One thing I have noticed which is neither an advantage or disadvantage is that you should play this application either on desktop or landscape mode(if you are on a phone).Note Since I don't have a BQ phone yet and Unity8 on desktop is still in its alpa/beta stages I will test most applications on the phone emulator which does not support landscape mode yet.

So what are the pros of this application?Well I like that the author decided to use realistic graphics instead of a flat design or some cartoon graphics. Also Also the app has a choice of several different levels so there is some re-playability. Another pro I have noticed is that the application has all the features you would expect from a Mahjong solitaire game.

The application also has some negatives.As much as I liked the graphics in this game,the shadowing on the tiles was too strong.And it might have been because of the emulator but the application seems to be not very laggy,but a tiny bit laggy. Another thing that I don't like is something that most Mahjong apps even on other platforms don't have:They only support Mahjong solitaire,there is no game mode for Mahjong Reach.

To summarize.I like this application.I give it a 4.5.It is not a masterpiece but I can clearly see that the developer wanted this application to be really good.I can see the effort of the developer in this application.It is free so if you want a game to waste 15 minutes while you are waiting for something,download it.And the developer is actively responding to user reviews.

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