Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is Microsoft making an EEE attack agianst Android?

We have all been reading lately about how CM wants to take away Google's control of Android.However after some thinking this idea came to my mind.(And I hope I am wrong about it)
It's not CM that will take control of Android.It's Microsoft that is orchestrating the attack behind the curtain.

Let's give some details about the whole thing so we can build a bigger picture:
-Microsoft is threatening Android OEM's with patents.Android OEM's are paying the MS tax.
-Microsoft has low end Lumia phones with Android,with an interface that is imitating the look and feel of Windows phone.
-Microsoft is trying to push it's office and skype onto Android phones by force.
-Microsoft open sourced its .net
-They even included an Android emulator in Visual Studio.
-Microsoft even offered CM a bribe(which was refused AFAIK)

Microsoft knows that the easiest way to kill Android is to take control of it.Because without Google as a driving force behind it Android will lose a lot of its vision and innovation.
Furthermore it is a very unfair(in some cases even illegal tactic) that huge megacorps like to use.Microsoft used to be especially  feared for using this tactic very often.You can find it on Wikipedia,it is called: "Embrace,Extend,Extinguish".

While some might not like Google,a bigger evil is trying to take Android over and destroy it.Some people are criticising Google lately for being overly authoritative in the Android world.But it might be that Google is trying to make defensive manoeuvres against Micrososoft.

Basically while the fact that Android is open source is one of its best advantages,it also offers a soft belly for Google's enemies.

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