Wednesday, 31 July 2013

And yet another one...Horror anime...

Hhm after a 2 month long pause,well 2 posts in a row so far are kind of...well fast.This post is all about horror anime.Basically  I will make mini review's of 4 horror anime.

Another is an anime about a class of middle school students.The students themselves are as normal as middle schoolers can be,but...Their class is under a horrible 26 year old curse which caused the deaths of hundreds of previous students of their class.
To be honest this might as well be the best horror anime out there right now.It has a thrilling story with a final plot twist nobody ever expected.
The visuals are some of the best I have ever seen.They are very realistic,and they fit the overall atmosphere of the story like a glove.Will they find a way to remove the curse?
The voice acting was exactly like it should have been for a horror anime.Perhaps the weakest link in the series was the opening song.The song is not bad but it just did not fit into the series.

2)Cossette no Shouzou:
It is a story about art student Eiri Kurahashi who met the ghost of Cossette.A young girl who was murdered in the 18th century.Later it is revealed that he fell in love with Cossette and that he is the reincarnation of her murderer.Will eiri be able to erase the sins of his predecessors?
Cossette no shouzou is a great horror / romance anime.The main romance is between Cossette and Eiri.The visuals  and the sound were certainly good but they were not the highlight of the series.

3)Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi:
Hmm how to start this one...Basically there is this invisible tree called Yggdrasil,the tree of all life.When women eat its fruit they become immortal.When men eat it they get super strength but loose their mind,and they are the only ones able to kill the immortal women.Is immortality a too long time to live?
Immortals are an excuse for well...lots of blood and gore.The best thing about this anime is that it is one of those horror stories that have a private detective twist.
I remember I loved the visuals.

4)Hellsing Ultimate
A story about the vampire Alucard,vampire hunters and a war against nazi vampires.A bloody war with millions of dead people.Can the war be stopped?
An intense action/horror story about vampires.It has great raw visuals befitting of a horror story.As for voice casting,it has probably the best voice cast I have ever heard(including Norio Wakamoto and Jouji Nakata in the Japanese version and Crispin Freeman in the english version).

Some other great horror anime include: do you like the new design?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


...Well I know I am not a super popular blog author but well...I haven't posted in a while.And I have wanted to post something for a while,I have waited at least for a month and a half.The reason why I did not do so was,well I did not have any ideas what to write about and I was busy with college.And I still have no idea what to write about.But at least I am done with college.I finished all my exams and even had a nice average score.
That is why I am writing this sort of 'newsflash' about what I am doing right now.

So anyhow I am looking for a summer job.If you are looking for a semi decent programmer or a bit more decent system administrator/IT student contact me

Recently I have had a lot of time to watch anime.So I have completed Monster,Bakuman(season 1),Fate/zero(Season 1 & 2),Kanamemo,Higurashi no naku koro ni(whole series) and many more...but right now only those are coming to mind.The best out of those are probably Bakuman and Higurashi no naku koro ni.Bakuman was made by the same authors that made Death note.It definitely feels a little bit like death note except it has added romance,slice of life and comedy.It is a story about two teenagers who want to become pro mangaka and how they rise to the top.Right now I am watching season 2 of Bakuman and it seems to be promising.Higurashi on the other hand is kind of a harem,action,horror combination in the first season,but in the second season [spoiler warning] another character becomes the "main main" character[end spoiler] and it becomes more of a mistery,action,slice of life combination.The horror and harem elements are still there but now they are barely noticeable.

As for what else I have been doing.Well I finally switched to Ubuntu 13.04 for good.Basically I found a way to solve the problems I have had.I have also programmed a very interesting application,it is a multimedia suite for well,multimedia.You can find more info about it here:
I have began to relearn myself the python and C programming languages.I already know Java more or less.The application I mentioned above is made in Java.

Anyhow,Since I now have more free time I hope I will find a job and write more on this blog.