Saturday, 6 June 2015

Smartwatch fad?

With the start of the smart-watch fad(it is still a fad as it is relatively new IMHO). Everyone thinks it is the new tablet and smart-phone, however Tablets were just a fusion of two already existing technologies (smart-phones and Ultra mobile laptops) and smart-phones were basically upgraded phones(everyone already had a habit of using phones). Everyone is hyped up about smart-watches.

However everyone forgets that the vast majority of people don't even have a habit of wearing watches. Some young people people even(myself included) never had such a habit and consider wearing watches uncomfortable.
In my opinion smart-watches don't offer anything that a smart-phone can't offer you. Some of you will say that it is tiresome to get out your phone out from your pocket,but that argument really only works with summer clothing. When you have long sleeves it is equally tiresome to roll your sleeves as it is to get out the smart phone from your pockets. Plus it makes you wear one more device.

So I have prepared a poll on the side of this blog post,please tell me your opinions on whether you will buy a smart-watch. As for myself, I just consider it a gimmick which I am not interested into. I am much more interested into augmented reality technologies like smart-glasses i.e. Google Glass and HoloLens. Though Google Glass seems to be design wise more something to take out on a date with friends so I would prefer it over HoloLens. I can't wait for Google's Glass 2. Now that might be a revolution.

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