Saturday, 7 February 2015

Good job to Ubuntu developers!

This here goes to all the Ubuntu Linux developers.

Your product is used all over the world.But that is all the result of your hard work.You have created a Linux distribution that just works.And your Linux distribution later spawned distributions like Linux Mint.Furthermore you have set the unofficial standard of quality for all "user friendliness" oriented Linux distributions.

However a lot of your work is also derived from the community.So I would also like to give thanks to a certain mr Richard M. Stallman for creating free software and to mr. Linus Torvalds,and special thanks to all the kernel developers and all the other community developers.You all have done laid the foundations of the operating system environment which now dominates the consumer electronic market which is commonly known as GNU/Linux.

I am inclined to write this in the wake of how much work has been invested into Ubuntu lately.Yesterday we have seen the introduction of the first Ubuntu mobile handset.As such I am sure this is a great milestone for this company.Another reason why I am writing this is because I have seen such rapid development on Unity8 on desktop.It is almost baffling how fast this has evolved from a tech demo to a almost feature complete product.And at the same time regular Ubuntu unity7 development was ongoing with so many other projects.And I am sure that tablets will come soon.

One of the areas that affeceted me the most was the Ubuntu sdk.As a IT college student who barely scraped trough most of his programming classes it was inspiring when I first read the tutorials on QML.I liked QML at first sight.Also the extensions added to base QT creator are great.And after failing to compile my apps into a .deb package for several days,when I first tried with .click it was like a small revolution.
You have enabled me,a subpar programmer to deploy my applications.And I can only promise to make better applications for both the future unity8 desktop and mobile handsets.I will try to make my first scope soon ;)

Here are just a few of my suggestions on what to do after you all get all your deserved bonuses,holidays and when Unity8 is finally complete:
Augmented reality,voice control and further expansion of the SDK and API.
Augmented reality is really something that has "wowed" me and the industry ever since Google Glass was introduced.You could for instance try to examine if there is any way you could include ARToolkit with your SDK or something like that.Furthermore AR seems a bit like a mobile oriented technology.
Voice control because the other 3 mobile platforms all have it.Just having one would be enough,because it seems like some kind of unwritten standard right now.The problem is there is no decent voice control on Linux in general.
And you should expand the Ubuntu API and SDK so that you are able to attract more application developers.

Also I hope you continue to have a great relationship with the community,so that the community will always give back to you.And that together we help to make a better Ubutnu experience a reality!

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