Sunday, 31 August 2014

A story of valkyrie crusade

This is a short story about me playing a mobile RPG videogame.

This is not a recruitment drive...Just the story of how I played this game so far and the story of my now former alliance.My profile ID is 5hy15.The name of my alliance is 'Mad scientists'...A reference to Steins; gate.

I started playing last year on the 24th december.As my friends were playing this game a lot and I just got a Samsung galaxy S3(My first gen Xperia X8 was not able to run this game even with a custom rom).I stayed solo until like level 20-30,and I joined some random alliance.But I got kicked out in a week for no reason.Out of pure rage,instead of joining my friends alliance I decided to create my own alliance.And that is how the mad scientists were created.

When I was level 45-50 in our first(and the last one ever) alliance battle I managed to grind ~2000 emblems.The only other member who grinded with me was Agostina,my future vice leader who was still level 30 or so.Still we fell short for a few emblems to unlock the vice leader position.When I was level 60 I got my first HSR Chocodevil.

Around that time the average level of my alliance was still around lv 20.And duel after duel we became stronger and stronger.Then came probably the most heart breaking moment.My vice leader Agostina became inactive.It is a bit heartbreaking when your second in command quits.However at that point I appointed my new vice leader and the current leader of the clan Belldandy.

And he indeed was a good pick,at some point I almost became inactive and he carryed us trough that.Right now they have an average level of ~70,with quite active players.

However at level 100 I have decided that it is my goal to reach lv 120(the mithical level as I call it) and then maybe leave the game,as I was beginning to get bored off the game.And that after lv 120 I will definitely leave my alliance and try solo play(for some reason).At level 110 I gave leadership to Belldandy.

And he intorduced some really strong players into the alliance,several of them being over lv 80.That was the strongest point of the alliance so far.However after that we kind of hit a rough spot as we picked the wrong tactics for allaince duels and we lost some members.However I am sure the alliance can bounce back.

Now I have HUR OA(buffed to 25000 atk),HUR Kiyohime,UR Lugh and my all time favorite HSR Amaterasu(the only 2d character I ever called my waifu :P).Since I have reached level 120 now I have left my alliance today as promised.I can't wait to get all those alliance requests which I am going to turn down for at least 3 weeks.I want to try some solo playing int his game.What will I do after that?Who knows,all my cards are open right now...maybe quit the game,maybe create another alliance,maybe join another alliance or maybe rejoin the Mad scientists.I just want to see if the game can still be new for myself.

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